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Anti-Ram Crash Barrier Arm M30 (K4) Open/Close: 6s to 8s STRONGARM M30 reliably defends high security sites world-wide. This high duty cycle, crash certified ASTM F2656-07 M30, ...
Autogate System
With automobile manufacturers building code copiers directly into todays cars, it' s easy for a supposedly " secure" RF transmitter code to get into the wrong hands. And, ...
Autogate System
Model 8040 Receiver The 8040 sends the transmitter codes to a access controller (such as a DKS 1830 Series System) in wiegand format.   This receiver can also be programmed as ...
Autogate System
The DKS 1838 multi-door access controller is ideal for small businesses, office buildings, factories, industrial sites, apartment complexes, or for any application that requires access ...