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Electric Locks - Strikes & Deadbolts
Autogate System
Electric Locks - Strikes & Deadbolts

Electric strikes offer an economical way to secure standard doors and are suitable for most cylindrical door locks. Fail-safe and fail-secure strikes are available. Electric dead bolts provide superior security and safety and include fail-safe operation for doors. Dead bolt options include lock sensor, door sensor or lock and door sensor models to indicate status of the lock (locked, unlocked) and/or door (open, closed).


  • DKES-C1-1FX:   fail-secure 11/32 keeper
  • DKES-C1-1FS:   fail-safe 11/32 keeper
  • DKES-C2-1FX:   fail-secure 5/8 keeper
  • DKES-C2-1FS:   fail-safe 5/8 keeper
  • 12 Volt DC, 400 ma.


  • DKEB-M-1:   standard dead-bolt
  • DKEB-M-1L:   with lock sensor
  • DKEB-M-1D:   with door sensor
  • DKEB-M-1LD:   with lock and door sensor
  • 5/8 stainless steel bolt with 5/8 throw
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • 12 Volt DC, 300 ma stand-by; 900 ma operate


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